Lingerie is a broad category of mainly women’s garments, which include nightwear, undergarments and lightweight outer wear. The word lingerie means “intimate clothes”, but in the modern usage it usually refers only to lingerie. Intimate clothes would be those undergarments which are designed with the special intention of being worn in private. Women prefer lingerie as they find it attractive and comfortable. It has always been a fact that most women like to shop for lingerie together with their partner during special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Under lingerie comprises of bras, panties, corsets, chemises, baby dolls, teddies, nightgowns, nightshirts and other intimate apparel worn for sexual purposes. The special selection of the term lingerie often depends on an intention to suggest that the clothes are sexy, appealing or both. Some lingerie items, especially the underwear, are designed in such a way that they reveal more of your body to the world, while other lingerie focuses on covering only parts of your body. Some women are shy and prefer to wear a piece of lingerie, which completely hides their body type, but most women do not mind showing off their body in public lingerie.

Bras, panties, corsets and chemises form the major categories of lingerie. Sexy lingerie consists of two types of bras- cup bras or padded bras, which provide back support and provide a smooth surface to wear clothes over, and push up bras, which are similar to basic bra but have padded back and sides to help show off the breasts. Nightwear, nightgowns and nightshirts are the other types of intimate apparel worn for intimate moments. They differ from bras in terms of their fabrics, styles, shapes and sizes.

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